Lenny Mink


Born in Belarus (former Soviet Union), Lenny Mink is a versatile and enigmatic creative polymath. A songwriter, guitarist, singer, producer, director, entrepreneur – he embodies the philosophy of “Make it till you make it!”.

As an artist he is versatile and broad, and expresses many influences that coalesce into a mosaic of expression.

His father is a woodwind prodigy from the old country and this virtuosic approach has passed to Mr. Mink. 

Lenny founded and owns Lotown Records, and is a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy, having been recognized in excellence by his peers. 

He has supported acts such as Matisyahu, Leftover Salmon, and shared stages with acts such as JGB Band, Iggy Azalea, FloRida, and many others in diverse genres

He works with numerous other artists as a producer, and to date has yielded over 50 released project and albums, including his own records as artist and producer.

Lenny also operates the Westport playhouse Theater in St. Louis, MO. He doesn’t sit still!


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